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Student Council

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Student Council

Formation of Student’s Council under the section 40(2)a, 40(2)b and 40(4)a

Statutes of Student’s Council under the section 40

Introduction : 

A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can be involved in the affairs of the institute, working in partnership with its management, staff and parents for the benefit of the institute and its students. The member’s Students’ Council (SC) is meant for the representation of the student community in the University. they are the interface between the students and the administration and work together to identify and address concerns that affect the students directly and indirectly. It represents the interests of the students and participates in discussions and decisions that affect the student community.

College Student’s Council : 

Election : 

It gives an opportunity for students to develop skills of good governance. Hence these elections are organized to help them practice these skills and learn the skill of representation. Hence the students have an experience in the skills of democratic representation and participation. As per the Maharashtra University Act (M.U.) 1994 section 40, Students council is to he established every year during the first term. As per clause 40(3) of the said M. U. Act 1994 each college/ institute has to elect one university representative. The name of the said student is then to be communicated to the Director, Students Welfare immediately on the date specified. Late nominations will not be entertained. As per section 40(2) (a) there will be a University Departments Student Council who in turn will elect its University representative. After completion of the above 15 members will be nominated to the university Students Council as per provisions of section 40(a) if the M.U. act 1994 the President and Secretary of the Shivaji University Student’s Council will be elected as per provisions of the said section of the M. U. Act 1994.