Estd. Nov 2000                                                                                     “ उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः "                                                                   Affiliated to Shivaji University        

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Department of Mathematics

  /  Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

* About Department:

The Department of Mathematics was established in 2012 with B.Sc. I, II, III. It has the well-equipped laboratory with a computer facility. Department conduct seminars, wallpaper presentation, unit test, home assignment and study tour. Projects are given to every student of B.SC-III. Departmental library is available for students and faculty member. The excellent academic results. Guest lecturers of the eminent personality are organized for the students to develop their overall personality.


* Department Vision:

  • The goal of the department is to develop and offer dynamic programs in the Mathematical sciences that will prepare students to enter new fields of specializations.
  • We aim at offering more diverse and flexible tracks to make our students highly competitive in the job market.
  • We hope to be able to expand our faculty to have specialists in those fields that can help us reach our goals.


* Department Mission:

To impart knowledge and mathematical skills through a problem-based and skill-oriented curriculum that would enable students to comprehend the significance of mathematics in various fields, including science, engineering, economics, and everyday life, fostering their analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


* Aims & Objectives of the Department:

  • Deep understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications.
  • Enhance students’ problem-solving skills through rigorous mathematical training.
  • Encourage critical thinking and mathematical reasoning.
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments.
  • Provide opportunities for mathematical research and exploration.
  • Develop proficiency in mathematical software and technology.

* Department Staff:

Faculty NameDesignationQualificationContact No.Email IDResume
Shri. G. N. ChavanHead and Assistant ProfessorM.Sc., B.Ed., SET.7249454992chavangmath@gmail.comResume File


* Publications by Faculty:



* Syllabus/Curriculum:


* Student Profile:


* Results: