Estd. Nov 2000                                                                                     “ उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः "                                                                   Affiliated to Shivaji University        

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Science Labs

Student teachers can enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations, and live presentations in the College's Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, and Mathematics laboratories.

Science laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipment and lab tools serving all disciplines of pure science.

Student teachers have access to the necessary equipment and materials during the normal course of study and examinations. Experiments concerning Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are available for the student teachers to practice.

Colleges aim to develop in students the abilities of application, experimentation, and construction skills, as well as scientific attitude, interest, and appreciation.

Department of Chemistry

Laboratory Staff : 

Faculty NameDesignationQualification
Mr. Jadhav Abhijit SureshLab AssistantH.S.C
Mr. Ombale Jagdish BalkrishnaLab. AttendantH.S.C
Mr. Jadhav Hindurao AnkushLab. AttendantS.S.C
Mr. Vibhute Yuvraj NandkumarLab. AttendantS.S.C

Major equipment’s present in Laboratory : 

Sr.NoName of Instrument
1Digital Muffle Furnace
4Abbes Refractometer
5PH Meter
6Quick Fit Distillation Assembly
7All glass Distillation Assembly
8Digital Balance
9Thermostatic Water Bath
11Hot Plate
12Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate
  • Total Chemicals & glass wares purchased of Rs. 7,92,000
  • Laboratory capacity 25 Student/Batch.
  • We have separate Store Room & Gas Room
  • We have Fire Extinction Assembly in case of any hazardous incident
  • Department of chemistry carry out project work for B. Sc -III Students

Department of Botany

Major equipment’s present in Laboratory : 

Sr.NoName of Instrument
3Occular Micrometer
4Stage Micrometer
5Compound Microscope with oil emulsion
6PH Meter
7E.C. Meter
8Hand Refractometer
  • Total Chemicals & glass wares purchased of Rs. 3,42,989
  • Laboratory capacity 25 Student/Batch.
  • botanical Garden
  • Fire Extinction Assembly in case of any hazardous incident

Department of Zoology

Major equipment’s present in Laboratory : 

Sr.NoName of Instrument
1Binocular Microscope
2Bacteriological incubator
3Mini centrifuge
4Water bath
5Stereo zoom microscope
6Hot air oven
7Gel electrophoresis
8vortex mixer

Department of Physics

– Major equipments present in the Physics laboratory :

Sr.NoName of Instrument
2Traveling microscope
3CRO double channel
4Audio Frequency generator
6Variable DC power supply
7Dual Power supply
8Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Department of Microbiology

– Major equipments present in the Microbiology laboratory :

Sr.NoName of Instrument
1Heating Mantle with Regulator
2Weighing balance
3Binocular Microscope
4Monocular Microscope with Oil Immersion
5Gel Electrophoresis
8Colony Counter
9Soxhlet Extraction Mantle Type (Reflux Heater)
10TopPette single channel fixed 1000µl (Semi Autoclavable)