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Department of History

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Department of History

* About Department:

Department of History was established in academic year 2004 – 2005. The department has facilities for undergraduate teaching in history as a special subject at B.A.III. The department remains committed to understanding the past by exploring regional and local history in its national and global context by adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

Many of the students of the Department come from hilly areas; some belong to the underprivileged sections of rural society. The faculty strives to improve their knowledge of the past and their skills at analytical thinking, coherent argument, and clarity of expression. Guest Lectures and Co-Curricular activities are organized to equip them to make informed choices about their careers. Department runs Travel & Tourism short term course since 2020-2021. In view of the research Ancient History, Local History, Maratha History, History of Modern Maharashtra, History of medieval India as its thrust areas. The department has linkages with Yashwantrao Chavan Mahavidyalaya, Pachwad and Girishthan College of Arts and Commerce, Mahabaleshwar.


* Department Vision:

The aims of History Department are to make the students aware of the past and its legacies through teaching, research and extension activities in Indian history in the context of world history. We believe that only a critical understanding of the past will enable the students to understand the present and help them look towards the future.


* Department Mission:

  • Transform the students into citizens who are critically informed about the past and its consequences for the present.
  • Promote studies in history, society and culture of Maharashtra in general.
  • Empower students to cope with the challenges of globalization by instilling in them a life-long passion for learning about the past. The knowledge about the interconnections between the global, national, regional and local history will equip the students to face the challenges with confidence.


* Objectives of the Department:

  • Facilitating students for the socio- economic, religious, political & cultural history of India.
  • Highlighting the cultural heritage of India.
  • Exploring the history of countries other than India.
  • Providing knowledge of the theory and practice of historical writing.
  • Making students aware about the recent development in the subject.
  • Developing socio-religious cultural harmony and tolerance among students by inculcating moral, ethical, democratic values through historical examples and phenomena.


* Department Staff:

Faculty NameDesignationQualificationContact No.Email IDResume
Mr. Gejage Shankar Namdev Head & Assistant ProfessorM.A.SET9637249180gejageshankar75@gmail.comResume File
Dr. Bhosale Sanjay HanmantAssociate ProfessorM.A.M.Phil,Ph.D9623024186sanjaybhosale53@gmail.comResume File


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* Annual Reports:

          Annual Report – 2022-23

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