Estd. Nov 2000                                                                                     “ उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः "                                                                   Affiliated to Shivaji University        

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  /  ICT Lab

ICT Resource Center

1. ICT Centre 

This lab is equipped with a LCD projector, a smart board, as well as a television for effective teaching. Student teachers are using this equipment and using them in making teaching effective. Student-teachers take a keen interest and take the help of ICT in preparing lesson plans, teaching aids, and delivery of lessons. Teachers prepare PowerPoint slides to deliver their lessons during teaching. The students present their seminar through PowerPoint presentation by LCD projector.

2. Computer lab

In the institution, advanced education and computing facilities are available in a computer lab. The lab comprises computers linked with a wide range of software like MS Office, including a dictionary. Communication and printing services are also available. The software setup has the latest version of Windows. A broadband connection for the Internet is there in the lab. A variety of CDs are available on subjects such as linguistic skills and special needs children. Video recordings of teaching practice lessons presented by the teachers are done by the institution. This lab comprises advanced educational technology equipment which contributes a lot to modern teaching–learning practices.

Courses available – MSCIT. TALLY

3.  Language Learning Facility

The institution has a Language Lab to teach language to the student. It aids in the development of reading, writing, and mainly listening and speaking skills. It is helpful for improving the pronunciation of any language.

Computer Lab