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Admission Instructions –

Eligibility :

  • The student must have passed the last examination with minimum of 35% of the total marks in each head of passing as per the university rule.
  • Students with ATKT are allowed to pass the terms of the next class.

Rules :

  • The student should pay all the fees at the time of admission.
  • The candidate should seek the admission within fifteen days from date of declaration of the results or before the last date declared by the University.
  • Students should fill in the Online Application form on the University Website only after it is checked by the Concerned Member of Admission Committee. Students should submit the Printed Copy of the Online Application Form with Relevant Documents at the College.
  • A student must have at least 75% class attendance for appearing for the examination.
  • There will be restriction on the number of admissions to the subjects.
  • The admission Committee takes all the decisions related to Admission Issues.
  • The student should abide by the rules and regulations of the College/University in the College premises.
  • Every student should see the complete syllabus prescribed for the concerned course and take note of all rules and regulations.
  • The students having confidence to have change in result due to or revaluation can take provisional admission subject to confirmation of change in result after verification or revaluation.
  • The rules and regulations are available at the university website important frequently referred rules are sent to college in the printed booklet forms prepared by the four sections of the university.
  • The present intake for the certified course of B.A., B. Com. and B. Sc. is 120 students per division.
  • The mentioned courses are grantable courses and the tuition fee for these courses is for B.A., B. Com. and B. Sc.  Rs. 800/- respectively. In addition laboratory fee. Rs. 125/- B.Sc. course only. The fees for professional course shall be applicable as per fixed by Shulka Nirdharan Samittee or University.
  • Separate certificate will be issued by the University for Additional Course, if that course is to be started from the academic year.
  • University is not responsible for any loss or otherwise if a student takes admission to any course other than those approved by university.
  • Every student must possess, the necessary student identity card issued by the respective college.
  • Every student should be a member of Students Insurance Scheme.
  • Take benefit of Career Oriented Courses and Lead college Scheme activities. The students, Parents, Citizens shall visit the University for detailed information.

Important Documents :

The students should enclose the following documents/certificates with their Admission Form :

  • Mark Sheet of S.S.S./H.S.C.
  • Mark Sheet of last Examination
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Transference Certificate (if required)
  • Gap Certificate (if required)
  • Migration Certificate (if required)
  • Certificate of Caste (if required)
  • Affidavit for Change in name/Marriage Certificate/Govt. Gazette (if required)
  • Two passport size photographs
  • ADHAAR Card
CategoryPercentage in total Admission
Schedule Caste(SC)13%
Schedule Tribe(ST)7%
Other Backward Class19%
Special Backward Class2%

Note :

  • All the rules and regulations issued by the University and the Government of Maharashtra related to Admission Procedure are followed by the College.
  • Admission are made on First-Come-First-Served basis in adherence to the Reservation Criteria.
  • If the candidates of Reserved Categories are unavailable, the seats are made available to all candidates as per the Rules of Reservation.