Estd. Nov 2000                                                                                     “ उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः "                                                                   Affiliated to Shivaji University        

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Message from Principal

  /  Message from Principal

Welcome to The Amdar Sashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay Medha. The College aims to endeavor for excellence in education by developing the potential of students and sharpening their personality from all dimensions. The College has emerged as a reputed brand with proven educational track records. It also provides students with the tools and techniques for bringing about a synergy between functional knowledge and the right future-in approach.

“Jaywant Pratishthan” was established in Humgaon village on 7th Nov. 2000 with its motto ‘Udhyominahi Siddhanti: karyani na manorathe’. Its Senior College was established in June 2002 with 106 students of B.A. and B.Com. I. This college opened the doors of education to the students of Medha and its adjoining villages. The college is giving quality & value based education to the rural student. Through its curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes, the college and staff has been honestly trying to embrace advanced education, information and communication technology, art, culture and sports and trying to harness the human potential in the process of nation building.

Distinctive Characteristics of the College

  • The college has come into existence to give admission preferably to those students who are hit by natural calamities and who are orphans.
  • The college has identification as semi – urban.
  • The college has full-fledged modern, attractive and aesthetic building in a non-polluted historic place Medha.
  • The college keeps its commitment to social service through its extension activities.
  • The college thinks of students upliftment, placement and holistic developments.
  • The college encourages research activities and project work amongst faculty and students.