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Library & K.R.C.

  /  Library & K.R.C.

ASSM Library

Knowledge Resource Centre

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– About Library :

Welcome to ASSM Library Portal. In this digital era, the role of libraries has become more complex and multidimensional.  There are various types and services of e-resources, various modern methods/ technique and procedures for effective information retrieval and dissemination and with this, libraries have to improve their services and products to promote their use in productive way.

ASSM Library is a well-known and reputed Library in the region of southern Maharashtra because of its different special features that contribute towards knowledge culture. ASSM Library enriched with huge collection and reading materials in different forms and formats. This is the first library in Kolhapur District who used reputed, Open-source software ILMS “KOHA” and for Patron established “In-Out Management System”. ASSM Library is providing online resources by ‘NLIST Database of INFLIBNET.

Now a days because of ICT development most of the resources are publishing in online form. There are many such E resources which can be available freely. We have made available for easy access to our stakeholders, through Free Open Educational Resources.

ASSM Library is performing as a bridge between the technology and users of technology by making availability and awareness of pin-pointed, exhaustive up to date electronic information through its variety of resources.

I am glad if you will Visit frequently to ASSM Library portal. Please feel free to visit.  ASSM Library portal to procure any information & guidance whenever you required.

Stay with us, Enhance your knowledge! Happy Reading Happy Learning!!

– Library Vision :

  • “ User Satisfaction is Ultimate Aim of Library ”

– Library Mission : 

  • To make available to the student’s facilities for higher education
  • To widen their vision through various academic programs
  • To develop personality of the student through extracurricular activities.
  • To educate students to develop them into responsible citizens.
  • To support the college to achieve its mission.
  • To cater to the curricular, intellectual and creative needs of teachers and students.

– Objectives of Library :

  • To inculcate Reading Habits amongst students by conducting book exhibitions in the college.
  • To organize ICT Based services & Library Activities for helping the students to use the library effectively.
  • To act as facilitator in interlibrary loan service by collaborating with different libraries.

– Library Staff :

Librarian Resume Click Here 

Faculty NameDesignationQualificationContact
Dr. Sudhir Ramdas Nagarkar
LibrarianM.A.M.LIB. & I. Sc.,
M.Phil., SET, NET, Ph.D.
Mobile : 9096572888
Email :
Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Sudhir Nagarkar
Mr.Vasant Laxman Dhanavade
Library AttendantB. Lib.& I. Sc.
M. Lib. & I. Sc.
Mobile : 9421121962
Mr. Abasaheb Raosaheb Deshmukh
Library AttendantB.A.Mobile : 9881718553

– Library Collection :

Total no. of Books12275
Total no. of Titles3757
Total no. of Books12275
Total no. of Reference Books3694
Total no. of Text Books8581
Total no. of Journals and Periodicals20
Total no. of Newspapers10
Total no. of Non-book Material29

– Library Timings :

  • 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (except Sunday & Holiday)

– Reading Room Capacity :

  • Reading Room for Students = 20 & Faculty = 8

– ILMS Software :

  • KOHA Software

– Classification System :

  • Dewey Decimal Classification (21st Ed.)

– Library Links :


Library Best Practices: