Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay, Medha.

NSS Committee : 

1 Dr. Bhosale S.H. Coordinator
2 Mr. Chavan P.R. Member
3 Mrs. Jadhav G.P. Member
4 Dr.Pawar U.S. Member
5 Dr.Shinde S.R. Member
6 Mrs.Deshmukh D.V. Member
7 Mr. Kokare V.B Member

Regular Activities : 

Sr. No.

Name of the Activity

1 College Campus Cleaning
2 International Environment Day
3 International Population day
4 Celebration Of Independence day
5 Gramswachta Abhiyan
6 Celebration of Teachers day
7 Celebration Of Ganesh Festival
8 Celebration Of N.S.S. Day
9 Celebration Of Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary
10 UNO day
11 Blood donation Camp
12 International AIDS Day
13 National Youth Day
14 Celebration of the Republic Day
15 Contemplation Camp
16 Disaster Management Programme
17 Traditional day
18 Women's day

Special Camps (2011-16) : 

Sr. No.



1 rahul (Tal- Iawali, Dist- Satara) 18th Dec to 24th Dec 2011
2 Keskarwadi (Tal- Jawali, Dist- Satara) 14th Dec to 20th Dec 2012
3 Pimpri t. Medha (Tal- Jawali, Dist- Satara) 17th Jan to 23rd Jan 2014
4 Humgaon (Tal- Jawali, Dist- Satara) 4th Jan to 10th Jan 2015

Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay, Medha.
Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay, Medha.