Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay, Medha.

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About Library : 

       Library is considered as an important part of the college which is the major learning resource for the student and staff. As per the changing time, role of library is also being changed. Advanced technology has been utilized by the library to provide library services. The main aim of library is to avail the various reading material and learning resources to the students and work for the amusement and imbibe values in the readers by reading various autobiographies of great leaders. Students get inspirations and life-force for their future life by reading.

       The college has well equipped up-to-date Library with varieties of books. More than 8000 Textbooks and Reference books are available in Library. 10 daily news papers of state and National level both in Marathi and English and 37 Periodicals journals on various disciplines are subscribed. Book bank facility is an important part of the college. Due to the rising cost of the books students are Unable to purchase such books therefore book bank facility is provided to meet the reading thrust of the students. Textbooks are provided to the students after admission in the college.

       The college has undertaken computerization of library with the help National Information Center, E-GRANTHALAYA software.

Library Staff : 

Dr.Sudhir Ramdas Nagarkar Librarian M.A.M.LIB.& I.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET,NET,Ph.D. Mob:9096572888
Mr.Vasant Laxman Dhanavade Library Attendant M.Lib.&I.Sc. 9421121962
Mr.Shailesh Vishnu Junghare Library Attendant B.A. 8552871804

Mob. No.   :       9096572888     
E-mail       : /
Responsibility: Head of the Library

List of Periodicals and Journals Year 2015-16 : 



Total no. of Books 10129
Total no. of Titles 3105
Total no. of Books 10129
Total no. of Reference Books 3205
Total no. of Text Books 6929
Total no. of Journals and Periodicals 25
Total no. of Newspapers 11
Total no. of Non-book Material 29

List of Daily News Paper : 


  Tarun Bharat

  Maharashtra Times

  Times of India

  The Indian Express

Library Best User Award 2015-16 : 

  On the occasion of Annual Gathering function of college library best user award goes to Miss. Rukmini Jagannath Kenjale (B.Com. 1st.) and Mr. Ombale Onkar Vishnu (B.Sc. II).

Library SERVICES : 

  Bibliography Service.

  Information Service.

  Current Awareness Service.

  Inter Library Loan Service.

  News Papers Clipping Service.

  Printing Service.

  Reference Service.

  Referral Service.

  Reprography Service.

  Career/ Employment information Service.


  Audio-Visual CD's/DVD Facility.

  Book Bank Facility.

  Books for Comp. Exams.

  Career Development Related Information Display and Notification.

  Library User's Orientation or Information Literacy to new enrolled Student & facility.

  New Arrivals Display.

  News Paper Clipping.

  Open Access Facility.

  Reprographic Facility.


  Library Best User Award for Student.

  Book Exhibition.

  Career/ Employment information.

  Membership to Non-students.

  Providing soft copy of syllabus, College Magazine, Old Prospectus, College related News

  New Arrivals Display.

  Training in the use of Library for users.

  Suggestion box and timely response.

  User Feedback.

  User Orientation & Information Literacy.


  Assistance to poor and deserving students.

  User Orientation & Information Literacy to students.

  Career/ Employment information.

  Suggestion box and timely response.

  Displaying new arrivals books.

  Organizing book exhibition.

  Organizing workshop on library

Amdar Shashikant Shinde Mahavidyalay, Medha.